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Dubai has become one of the world’s most famous vacation destinations nowadays. You ought to know that Dubai is a city that has so many places that you can go to and there are many activities for tourists to participate in while you are there compared to other countries in the world because the government is investing in the tourist department; therefore, there are so many inventions that are coming up every time. If you have never gone to Dubai and it’s your first time visiting the city, it is usually important for you to find a good tour company that will plan a full tour package for you. You should know that this companies usually do not disappoint because they have the experience and the knowledge of the best places for someone to tour while in Dubai. One popular tour packages usually the desert safari tour if you are planning to go to that city ensure that you go for the desert safari tours. When choosing a tour company make sure that the desert safari tour experience and one thing that you can be certain about this is that you will have so much fun and create memories with your loved ones that you will leave to remember.

They are usually two types of desert safari the one which people go to in the morning and the second one there during the evening. The morning safari is usually a two hour trip into the desert which provides the opportunity for someone to enjoy the experience of sand dune bashing and you will be provided for tour guides all along. Sand dune bashing is usually all about riding up and down the dunes in the sports utility vehicles. There are usually lots of activities that you can do when you are in the desert for example camel riding, sand skiing, and sand boarding. Evening safari is also quite popular, and people tend to like it a lot as it takes 6 hours of experiencing adventure. Most of the activities that are done in the morning of the same ones which will be done in the evening but the best thing is that the guests usually have the opportunity to enjoy the sunsets and also take photos. The dramatic colors that illuminated the evening sky are usually breathtaking, and it will be an experience that he will live to remember. You, Will, be able to enjoy the evening as you will be treated to the local cuisine and you will also eat barbecue which will be prepared for you. This safari ends with the smoking of the Arabian water pipe and a belly dancing exhibition.

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